Food İntolorence Test

What is ImuPro?
ImuPro is an innovative blood test that can detect delayed food allergies. In an extensive blood analysis, ImuPro identifies high levels of specific IgG antibodies to particular foods, that is a personal food immune profile (“ImuPro”).
ImuPro: application in case of chronic ailments
The decisive question is: What is the cause of chronic ailments and how are they triggered? It is only after an answer to this question has been found that the ailments can be controlled.
We know today that many chronic ailments (diarrhoea, winds, headache, migraine, painful joints etc.) may be triggered by inflammatory reactions. Therefore, it is important to identify the exact cause of these inflammations, since there are many possible triggers. In particular, if the standard procedures did not identify any cause, it becomes more likely that foods might cause these ailments. This can be analysed using ImuPro.
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